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Personaly I totally recommend to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier.

My favorite character from Avengers IS cap and that’s why I decided to watch this movie but movie itself is really good that I already watched it two times at theater and I like to make third time after midterm tests end.

1. This movie successed to make characters really interesting: I liked cap and this movie made me to love him. I can’t wait sequal of this movie already.

2. It has none uncomfortable humor(without not making fun of characters) and tense(not loose, not so fast)

3. ***Action scenes*** actually i’m not that enjoy action scene when it comes to movie/drama because i can’t stop thinking “that might be so painful” “poor random passengers” “someone should pay for those damages” but one-by-one action of this movie is just coolest. I can’t believe this is first time for directors making action movie.


spent my easter afternoon giving bucky wings what even is my life


spent my easter afternoon giving bucky wings what even is my life

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what’s this even


what’s this even

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이계덕기자(신문고뉴스) (@dlrpejr) 님이 8:37 오전 on 일, 4 20, 2014에 트윗함:
진도는 고립 http://t.co/r9AeLlRVCr

Last night parents of missing students in Sewol started to walking toward the Blue House since their claim hadn’t accepted. And now the police combat unit blocked them with barricade.

Most gross part is, someone shouted “we found new survivor!” and when desparate parents ran back to harbor, ‘police officer’ answered “The survivor is transporating to hospital”. This whole scene were recorded by Internet live broadcaster. But it was literally show. There was no new survivor. They did this just to make barricade.

This become more than an crisis. I start to feel place for common people like missing students, parents, my family and me never have been existed in this country. I can’t agree with the joke ‘South Korea is nice one and North is naughty one’ anymore.
Thesedays, surrounded by endlessly repeated bad news about Sewol, I thought rumors made by attention whores are wosre than the crisis itself. This situation is worst.




What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like?

Why does this make me laugh so hard

because it’s accurate

This is pretty awesome

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only 90s kids can reblog this

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